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Welcome.  I hope you will enjoy the work I provide here.  Eventually, I want to furnish this site with my novels, stories, poems, music and lyrics.

So far, I’ve included the first chapter of two different novels, Paraphernalia and the Witch, a satire, and The Wizards Last Spell, a fantasy, plus several short stories and numerous poems.  I’ve also entered all the lyrics from the albums, MuseReason is a Narrow Infinity and The Legend of Egregious Michael and His Riff-Raff Boys.  There are also other lyrics from different albums and individual efforts.  I will continue to add more, especially for any music that I post.

In the Music section, you can listen to a medley of six of my songs from Muse under the link, Medley 1A and bits of six other songs from Reason Is A Narrow Infinity by clicking Medley 2.  I have also started to post individual songs.  A few are finished tunes from the albums, but many are old demos that I thought might prove entertaining and that feature some of the singers I’ve worked with over the years.

Look to the right and you’ll see “Blog” under the header, “CATEGORIES”.  I try to keep a running commentary, including pictures, though I don’t write everyday.  It’s the best place to find my most up-to-date material.

All content on this site is the copyrighted property of James Skelton and may not be used without my permission.


I have published three books on Amazon.com, which are now for sale.  One is actually a long, 15,000 word essay called The Case for Empire, priced at $1.00, the second is the fantasy novel mentioned above, The Wizards Last Spell, for $2.99.  Finally, there is my satire on art, science and celebrity, Paraphernalia and the Witch, for $5.99.  I would appreciate any reader feedback on these and any other work of mine.  I will insert the links below so you may go right to the proper site.

here   The Case for Empire on Amazon

here   The Wizard’s Last Spell on Amazon

here   Paraphernalia and the Witch on Amazon

  Photo on 9-29-13 at 4.16 PM       PATW Door








8 thoughts on “James Skelton

  1. Mistress Linda

    That first shot of you is striking…. Like you are really going to punch us out! I really like your second picture below!!! Sexy!!!

    Need a spanking?

    1. admin Post author

      LOL – not quite the literary query I was expecting, but I like it! I’ll have to get back to you on that – or is it backside?

  2. Umoja Richardson

    The first picture is quite striking, indeed. It is wonderful to see you are still working your artistry.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks, Umosa. It was good to talk with you. I was so sorry to hear about your dad and I will be posting about him on my blog. Be well.

  3. Makeupmaven

    Gosh, James, are you kidding? The site is beautiful! I haven’t delved into it yet, but the look is stellar! I am a complete newbie trying to teach myself WordPress, Windows 8, and blogging (all at the same time)! Haven’t the foggiest on manipulating images, etc., so to me this site is a complete work of art! As it should be, given your talents! But maybe you were looking for comments from a more experienced person and not the gushing of a novice. Anyway, kudos and good luck!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for the kind words, Makeupmaven. I don’t feel like I’ve advanced that far, but if there is anything you see on the site that you’d like to try yourself, let me know and I’ll do my best to help you.

  4. Bob Hug

    Jim, Sorry I missed you at the last reunion at PPark and took awhile to get you a message. Lets get together some time and have a laugh. Loved the Troy New York…………Huggie

    1. admin Post author

      Hey, Huggie, good to hear from you. I’m glad you got the lyric sheet. It would be fun to get together; I don’t have a car, but we could meet downtown sometime for a coffee or breakfast or whatever. Let me know. Jim


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